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Mission Statement of Micro Plantas S.A.

We are a commercial organization with the purpose to provide ornamental mother plants to global growers with the use of biotechnology. Based by innovation and development, we are committed to reliability and good service; knowing that our most important elements are our customers as well as our human resource. Our recognized lines and continuous improvement, results in a profitable operation, bringing the satisfaction to our partners. 

Somos una organización comercial con el propósito de proveer plantas ornamentales madre para productores globales mediante el uso de la biotecnología. En base a innovación y desarrollo, estamos comprometidos a la confiabilidad y buen servicio; donde el elemento más importante son nuestros clientes así como a nuestro recurso humano.

Nuestras reconocidas líneas y mejoramiento continuo resultan en una operación rentable, brindando satisfacción a nuestros socios.

Vision Statement of Micro Plantas S.A.

To be recognised as one of the World’s foremost producers of high quality and reliablemother plants through the use of advanced biotechnologies, and with our exemplary service contributing to the success of our customers.

Ser reconocidos como uno de los productores más importantes de plantas madre en el mundo en base a biotecnología de avanzada, así como a productos confiables y de calidad; con servicio satisfactorio, resultando en el éxito de nuestros clientes.

The laboratory Micro Plantas S.A. is a tissue culture lab dedicated to the micro propagation of plants and to the development of new product lines. We were founded with the production of ornamental tropical plants, and this still provides a strong core to our business, but now we offer amongst others, tubers and coffee.

We are at the forefront of the biotechnology revolution using new tissue culture technologies which are capable of increasing the yield of the agronomic process. We pride ourselves on the quality of our vegetal material and are renowned for the excellence of their colour, size and uniformity. Our quality and consistency has helped to establish Micro Plantas S.A. as a highly respected laboratory in the global market.

Thanks to our excellent group of professionals and Hi-Tech facilities we now produce in excess of 10 million micros per year.